Gazira Babeli
Code Performer
Locusolus Island

[Collateral Damage] in Locusolus

GAZWORK in Locusolus [video]
"... Gazira becomes a sculptor because she has a space to live in, just as she becomes a performer because she has an audience to astound. These two things are not separate, because in her world sculptures are events, and events have a presence in space..."
Domenico Quaranta, "Gazira Babeli", fpeditions 2008
doppelgänger - National Portrait Gallery, Canberra AU
October 2009
Physical scripted environment, March 2008
Physical scripted environment, February 2008
Stolen skins, scripted environment, November 2007
Physical scripted sculpture, Ursonate samples, 200 ordinary objects, September 2007
Physical scripted environment, June 2007
Group Sculpture Performance, March 2007
Physical scripted sculpture, March 2007
Physical scripted environment, March 2007
Avatar and scripted chair on canvas, March 2007
Scripted cans, May 2006