Gazira Babeli
Code Performer
Avatar on Canvas
Avatar and scripted chair on canvas, March 2007
Patrick Lichty as Ulay on Canvas

"... The avatars sitting on these chairs were thus suddenly wildly deformed, and their terror and embarrassment betrayed the - entirely irrational - attachment that residents have to their virtual bodies, held to be sacred and inviolable exactly like our physical bodies. The logic behind the "fake Bacon" makes the game more predictable but no less radical: like a deforming mirror, Avatar on Canvas cuts the illusory link that forms between the subject and his or her "second" image, the Second Life avatar. I am not my avatar and I can't see myself in it any longer."
Domenico Quaranta, "Gazira Babeli", fpeditions 2008

Fau Ferdinand on Canvas

Gazira Babeli on Canvas
Lambda prints. Courtesy Fabio Paris Art Gallery

"... At an exhibition, a chair, whatever Kosuth might think, is an invitation to sit down..."
Domenico Quaranta