Gazira Babeli
Code Performer
Gaz Quake
Physical scripted earthquake, May 2006

Gaz Quake or Nice Quake at Susi Spicoli Gallery

"... Earthquakes are another obvious way of manipulating space. Here, as in the various "grey goo" scenarios, it is fairly natural to think that Gazira is attempting a hack, or "griefing" as they say in Second Life. But while this is undoubtedly bound up with various attempts at artistically sabotaging a system - be it digital or social - we get the impression that in recreating a real-world phenomenon strangely absent from this virtual world which is so realistic in many other aspects, Gazira is once more playing around with its reality coefficient."
Domenico Quaranta, "Gazira Babeli", fpeditions 2008

Gaz Quake LSL code