Gazira Babeli
Code Performer
Olym Pong - Gods play Pong with you!
Physical scripted environment, March 2008
Text by Pau Waelder
Locusolus Archive

"... I approach the flame in the center of the temple and ... ouch! Bash! Whump! I immediately lose control. The black blocks have come alive and I'm being gamed by the Gods. The Gods must be laughing. I am a pawn in their fickle game. I get chucked out of the room entirely and end up in the sea below.
Like a sucker I'm back for more. I want to know how much I can control. I approach the flame. Once more I'm bandied about like a toy, except I can avoid the black blocks this time and aim for a corner. I get clipped on my way out and find myself cemented into the architecture unable to move, staring at the top of my head as my avatar squirms about. I've been ponged. Good game..."
Luke Duncalfe, University of Auckland

Second Front, Olym Pong performance at Window, Auckland NZ, June 2008
Photo by Man Michinaga / Patrick Lichty