Gazira Babeli
Code Performer
Come To Heaven
The artist painted in the space at 900 km/h, July 2006
Come To Heaven, painted on NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT at noon, lambda prints

Come To Heaven, painted on NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT at sunrise, lambda prints

"... and it is no coincidence that she describes it as 'painting' on the computer graphics card. At the same time the model of reference is none other than that of another imaginary "flight", Yves Klein's famed leap into the void. An imaginary performance which becomes real in an "imagined" world ("Your World, Your Imagination" is the motto of Second Life). The dream of a judo instructor staged by an avatar artist. Yet even the imagination has its limits. When she went back to repeat the performance a few months later, Gazira realized that it was no longer possible: something had changed in the rules of the system, and the results were now unpredictable. [...] But the performance is also an act of "action painting" on a new canvas, the rectangle of the screen and the graphic card: an act which could potentially be repeated in ever different ways, given that the "painting" changes with the light, the subject, or his or her clothes."
Domenico Quaranta, "Gazira Babeli", fpeditions 2008

"... millions of meters away, at a very high speed. The effect obtained on the graphic card of the computer is hard to anticipate and it depends on the creativity process of the card itself. Yes, cards go bananas..." Gazira Babeli, 2006

Come To Heaven, painted on NVIDIA GeForce 7400, July 2, 2006

Come To Heaven, painted on Intel(R) Extreme, July 3, 2006